The problems of the poultry industry related health have today become an international scourge. Modern poultry farming has grown dramatically in recent years due to people's needs in animal protein. But the birth of these pathologies led to a massive use of antibiotics in poultry. However, the misuse of antibiotics in livestock prevention or cure has resulted in the selection of resistant bacterial strains. The spread of resistant strains by apparently healthy poultry poses a threat to health. Since 2006, the European Union banned the routine use of antibiotics in animal production, because the occurrence of antibiotic resistance has the effect of reducing the spectrum of the antibiotic on the pathogen. Thus, since 2015 came into force on the first WHO action plan against antibiotic resistance. Some studies have shown the presence of banned antibiotic residues exceeding the permitted maximum limits, and sometimes traces of chloramphenicol and nitrofurans. For better care, we have tried to develop an alternative to antibiotics for improved animal and human health.